Enterprise Tech 30 — the 2019 List

Introducing the Enterprise Tech 30

We are in an era where startups are critical to innovation in business.

Enterprise tech startups are driving business growth and innovation globally.

However, it is not often clear which startups have real underlying momentum. Is there a more insightful, objective way to identify our industry’s leading private companies?

We are pleased to introduce the Enterprise Tech 30: an exclusive list of the most promising private companies in enterprise tech, as determined by the prominent venture capital investors in the sector.

About the Poll

What Is in
Enterprise Tech?

Enterprise Tech has historically been associated with products and services sold to the CIO or the CTO.

Enterprise Tech includes newer investment themes in vertical tech, line-of-business tech, and full-stack tech-enabled businesses. The definition includes application and infrastructure technologies used by businesses of all sizes, even individual business-people.

For the poll, we exclude certain investment fields such as life sciences, crytpo, and cleantech and consumer-oriented ecosystems like adtech. In addition, we exclude distinct geographies such as China and India.

Who Are the Judges?

The judges include 50+ business tech-focused venture capitalists, across early-stage, latestage, multi-stage, and cross-over funds.

The judges are Managing Partners or General Partners only, have established track records, and come from both long-standing and new emerging funds.

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What Are the Results?

Congratulations to the inaugural Enterprise Tech 30.

The Enterprise Tech 30 ranks the top 10 private companies in each of three categories, ordered by number of votes received.

  • Early Stage

    $25 million or less


  • Mid Stage

    $25 million to $100 million


  • Late Stage

    $100 million or more


The detailed report for the Enterprise Tech 30 is available at the following link.