The definitive list of startups poised to transform Enterprises at all stages of maturity.

The Enterprise Tech 30 brings to light companies who have the most potential to tectonically shift how enterprises operate for the better. Inductees to the ET30 are on a fast track of growth and and are expected to be future IPOs and multi-billion dollar exits. In fact, 3 members of former cohorts have already achieved these unprecedented heights via IPOs and acquisitions. Members of the Enterprise Tech 30 represent the entire field of private, venture-backed enterprise startups—from Seed to Series E and beyond.

Early Stage

$25M or less

Mid Stage

$25M - $100M

Late Stage

$100M or more

The Enterprise Tech 30

Company Industry Employees CEO Funding
Modern Treasury
FinTech 20 Dimitri Dadiomov 48.1 M
Data & Analytics 130 Balaji Ganesan 17.3 M
Roam Research
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 9 Conor White-Sullivan 11.4 M
Panther Labs
Security 27 Jack Naglieri 20.5 M
Snorkel AI
Data & Analytics Alexander Ratner 15 M
DevOps / Developer Tools 8 Karri Saarinen 17.2 M
HR Tech 38 Ian White 19 M
Media 20 Chris Best 21.2 M
Monte Carlo
Data & Analytics 30 Barr Moses 41 M
Data & Analytics 12 Boris Jabes 20.3 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 400 Wade Foster 1.3 M
Fishtown Analytics
Data & Analytics 67 Tristan Handy 42.4 M
DevOps / Developer Tools 39 David Hsu 69.6 M
DevOps / Developer Tools 135 Matt Biilmann 107 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 110 Ivan Zhao 70.9 M
Grafana Labs
Data & Analytics 300 Raj Dutt 75.2 M
Abnormal Security
Security 100 Evan Reiser 74 M
DevOps / Developer Tools 78 Kyle Mathews 48.5 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 60 Rahul Vohra 51 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 650 Andrey Khusid 76.3 M
Infrastructure 1000 David McJannet 349.5 M
FinTech 3000 Patrick Collison 1.9 B
Data & Analytics 1600 Ali Ghodsi 1.9 B
DevOps / Developer Tools 1300 Sid Sijbrandij 426 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 335 Howie Liu 350 M
Design 300 Dylan Field 132.9 M
Data & Analytics 1248 Jay Kreps 455.9 M
Design 1200 Melanie Perkins 316.5 M
DevOps / Developer Tools 208 Edith Harbaugh 132.8 M
Security 850 Eugenio Pace 333.5 M
Productivity & Collaboration Tools 250 Tope Awotona 350.6 M
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The best enterprise tech startups in 2021 are purpose-built for enterprise challenges in data, collaboration, and security.

The Modern Enterprise is a digitally-native workplace, built on data and powered by AI. Nearly 75% of the 2021 Enterprise Tech 30 cohort is concentrated across the sectors supporting this thesis, as well as being common board-level topics for enterprises in today’s business environment.

9 of 31 companies focus on pain points and new opportunities in the enterprise data lifecycle—10 of 31 companies in this year’s ET30 focus on improving how we work, particularly due to the unprecedented shift to remote over the past year—and 5 of the 31 companies in this year’s ET30 are in cloud security.

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