Enterprise Tech 30 — The 2020 List

Announcing the Second Annual Enterprise Tech 30

We are in an era where startups are critical to innovation in business.

Enterprise tech startups are driving business growth and innovation globally.

However, it is not often clear which startups have real underlying potential. Is there a more insightful, objective way to identify our industry’s leading private companies?

We are pleased to present the second annual ET30: an exclusive list of the most promising private companies in enterprise tech, as determined by the prominent venture capitalists in the sector.

The Enterprise Tech 30 ranks the top 10 private companies in each of three categories, ordered by number of votes received.

  • Early Stage

    $25 million or less


  • Mid Stage

    $25 million to $100 million


  • Late Stage

    $100 million or more


The detailed reports for the Enterprise Tech 30 are available at the following links: 2020 and 2019.