Designed to be institutional, neutral, and inclusive of all company growth stages.

The methodology for the Enterprise Tech 30 involves two phases: a first phase to identify a candidate list of companies through extensive primary and secondary research; and a second phase to assess and rank the companies through an institutional investor survey.

556Companies included for selection from an original list of 20k+ VC-backed companies

70% Of data is based on selections outside the VC’s portfolio

10 Per survey participant per stage to administer

Phase I

This year's candidate list included 556 companies; 166 early-stage, 181 mid-stage, 176 late-stage, and 33 giga-stage.

Phase II

The investor survey was designed to capture unbiased perspectives from the participants. Participants were permitted to select up to 10 companies per stage—no more than three of which could come from the participants portfolios.

The methodology for ET30 is based on our research team’s work in startups and venture capital since 2001. Companies cannot apply, pay, or lobby for placement in the ET30. The ET30 is conducted in partnership with a rare group of venture capitalists, and it is our privilege at Wing to work with our colleagues in the industry. The participants span early-, mid-, late-, and multi-stage investment firms, with successful backgrounds and substantial reach in enterprise technology. Collectively, the venture capital firms have invested in 87% of the $1B+ exits and unicorns in enterprise technology since January 2016.

The original candidate list of companies was built through four research sources: 1) companies who received six or more votes in last year’s ET30, 2) a data science analysis of 20,000+ startups based on the prior five years’ ET30 results, 3) multiple PitchBook queries from PitchBook’s company universe of venture-backed companies, 4) Wing’s primary research in identifying, reviewing, and meeting with private companies, and 5) recommendations from the venture capitalists and corporate development heads. 70% of the data signals in ET30 are venture capitalists’ votes on companies outside of their portfolios.

Participation from 96 venture capitalists and 30 corporate development heads

ET30 is conducted in partnership with a prestigious group of venture capitalists and corporate development teams. Investment partners are invited to ET30 based on their track record, expertise, and reputation for discernment in enterprise technology. The assets under management for the venture capital firms ranged from $50 million to $150 billion.

This participant list is not comprehensive. Participants are given the opportunity to participate anonymously.

Ramu Arunachalam

General Partner, A.Capital

Ping Li

Partner, Accel

Rich Wong

Partner, Accel

Theresia Gouw

Founding Partner, Acrew Capital

Mark Kraynak

Founding Partner, Acrew Capital

Ravi Belani

CEO, Alchemist Accelerator

Jamin Ball

Partner, Altimeter Capital

Kristina Shen

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Ajay Agarwal

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Aaref Hilaly

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Dharmesh Thakker

General Partner, Battery Ventures

Spencer Peterson

Partner, Bedrock

Byron Deeter

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Jon Korngold

Global Co-Head, Technology Investing, Blackstone

James Cham

Partner, Bloomberg Beta

Ed Sim

Founder and General Partner, Boldstart Ventures

Nimi Katragadda

Partner, BoxGroup

Reid Christian

General Partner, CRV

Max Gazor

General Partner, CRV

Joydeep Bhattacharyya

General Partner, Canaan Partners

Rebecca Lynn

Co-founder and General Partner, Canvas Ventures

Gene Frantz

General Partner, CapitalG

Lucas Swisher

Co-COO of Growth & General Partner, Coatue

Sarah Guo

Founder, Conviction

Greg Sands

Founder and Managing Partner, Costanoa Ventures

Aileen Lee

Founder and Managing Partner, Cowboy Ventures

Bryan Rosenblatt

Partner, Craft Ventures

Mike Tully

Investor, D1

Alan Cohen

Partner, DCVC (Data Collective)

Christian Jensen

Partner, Co-Head, Private Investments, Dragoneer Investment Group

Jake Saper

General Partner, Emergence Capital

Timothy Chen

General Partner, Essence Venture Capital

Pegah Ebrahimi

Co-founder and Managing Partner, FPV Ventures

Wesley Chan

Co-founder and Managing Partner, FPV Ventures

John Komkov

Founder and Managing Partner, Fathom Capital

Aydin Senkut

Founder and Managing Partner, Felicis Ventures

Gokul Rajaram

Partner, Firebolt Ventures

Amish Jani

Founder and Partner, FirstMark Capital

Ann Miura-Ko

Co-Founding Partner, Floodgate Fund

Mike Maples

Co-founding Partner, Floodgate Fund

Colin Anderson

Founding Partner, Friends & Family Capital

Chris Howard

Founding Partner, Fuel Capital

Glenn Solomon

Managing Partner, GGV Capital

Lihan Chen

Senior Vice President, GIC

Sam Rosen

Vice President, Venture Capital, GIC

Max Altschuler

Founder and General Partner, GTMFund

Jon Rezneck

Partner and Head, Investment Team, Geodesic Capital

Rudina Seseri

Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

David Campbell

Managing Director, Asset Management Division, Goldman Sachs Growth Group

Asheem Chandna

General Partner, Greylock Partners

Jerry Chen

Partner, Greylock Partners

Will Su

Partner, Highland

Hunter Walk

Partner, Homebrew

Will Griffith

Founding Partner, ICONIQ

Doug Pepper

Founding Partner, ICONIQ

Jeb Miller

General Partner, Icon Ventures

Elad Gil

Independent Investor, Independent Investor

Shardul Shah

Partner, Index Ventures

Parul Singh

Partner, Initialized Capital

Praveen Akkiraju

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Corporate Development Teams

This year, 36 corporations participated including 24 publicly-held and 12 privately-held, pre-IPO companies. The corporations’ enterprise values ranged from $2 billion to more than $1 trillion. 50% had enterprise values between $10 billion and $500 billion.

The corporations spanned sectors such as: cloud, collaboration, communication, data, developer platform, hrtech, IoT, marketing tech, networking, payment, productivity, security, storage, systems integration, and vertical. Collectively, the 36 corporations have done 154 acquisitions for more than $40 billion since January 1, 2022.

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