2023 Trends

The Enterprise Tech 30 serves as a platform for the tech industry to identify, learn about, and build relationships with the most promising private companies in enterprise technology. From this year’s candidate list of 550+ companies, we’ve compiled key takeaways. 

Newcomers take the list by storm

67 percent of the cohort in 2023 are new to the ET30. By comparison, 43 percent were new in 2023, 53 percent were new in 2021, and 50 percent were new in 2020. Five of the companies in the 2023 cohort were founded less than 18 months ago.

Moving fast, making moves

Early stage companies are moving at an unprecedented pace. For the 2023 cohort, the median time since founding for early stage was 2.3 years, as compared to 2.7 years the prior year and five years for 2019.

The median time between the last two rounds raised was 0.6 years for 2023, as compared to one year for 2022 and 1.2 years for 2019.

GenAI commands VC attention

33% of ET30 2023 companies are generative AI-native (the companies’ origins are rooted in GenAI tech). An additional 13% are generative AI-launch—meaning they recently launched significant GenAI features or products.

Just 3% of ET30 companies in 2021 were generative AI.

*Many companies represent more than one trend, so the percentages add up to more than 100%

PLG dominates (again)

The product-led growth model’s steady takeover continued this year. 75% (30 of 40) of 2023 ET30 companies employ a significant product-led growth model, and the trend has marched steadily upward since 2019

Major flux thanks to pandemic shifts

Future of Work (productivity and collaboration) apps increased from 10% of ET30 companies in 2019 to 19% of ET30 companies in 2021–and have since decreased to just 5% of ET30 companies this year.

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